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The Key to a Good M&A Outcome for Your Start-up? Getting Started Yesterday!

By: Shomit Ghose | January 29, 2018

Designing Good Exits: It’s Not Just for Architects None of us would feel comfortable in a building where no thought had been given to how to exit the structure. A rushed and panicked egress would be dangerous, and no building has its first brick laid without viable exit paths being designed into its architecture. The …

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Genius is Global: Four Factors to Leverage It

By: Shomit Ghose | November 16, 2017

The World is Flat?  Was Thomas Friedman right?  Perhaps only partially. Just like water, jobs that are commoditized and standardized certainly spread in a flat world, always seeking lowest cost.  Jobs that are high-skill and high-wage, however, tend to agglomerate, creating geographic clusters that become magnets for talent and engines of economic growth.  Silicon Valley …

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