Be part of turning world class research into world class companies


This could be a path to interesting co-founder or board member opportunities.

OPEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORK – for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

A network where external experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can connect with researchers from Danish universities and become part of turning world class research into world class companies

Open Entrepreneurship is a Danish initiative aiming to bridge the gap between the academic world and the industry.

Experienced entrepreneurs are essential

The path to successful technology transfer between universities and business is happening by challenging the traditional approach, where researchers open companies or occupy leadership roles in companies.

Studies have shown that matching research teams with experienced and external entrepreneurs creates more sustainable businesses. This commercialization catalyzes the research and knowledge into products or processes that generate value to the society.

Experienced entrepreneurs are in other words essential for creating a successful sustainable business by guiding the immature research-based start-ups towards the right direction.

Journey from idea to start-up

The core of Open Entrepreneurship is to facilitate the meeting between researchers from Danish universities and external experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and the journey from idea to start-up.

Collaboration on maturing technology

In Open Entrepreneurship, we focus on creating the framework for external entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to develop start-ups in collaboration with researchers at universities.

This is done by inviting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to the universities, where they will have an active role in maturing the technology.

A guideline for the collaboration between entrepreneur and researcher

Why join the Open Entrepreneurship network?

By joining the network you will:

  • meet an open door to the newest research from Danish Universities
  • get access to network and match meetings 6 times a year (online or at the universities)
  • be invited to a national annual meeting


Primarily, we onboard new members of our network on recommendation of already enrolled members of the Open Entrepreneurship network.

However, please reach out to us, if you would like to learn more, contribute or get involved with Open Entrepreneurship and our network.


Helle Nielsen-Elgaard
Head of Innovation
M: +45 22128892